Devargo Barvasi

Suave but unscrupulous gangster from Sothanopolis.


Tall swarthy man whose demeanor switches instantly between welcoming and friendly to bloodthirsty menace.



A former professional performance fighter of some note, Devargo was imprisoned in Sothanopolis after one of his opponents in the fight ring was found poisoned after a match.

Devargo served several years in prison where he learned much about the criminal underworld and assembled a loyal gang of followers who joined together after serving their sentences to make their fortunes buying and selling stolen goods, trafficking illegal substances and blackmail.

His fortunes as a criminal came to an end after he was paid to capture a pseudodragon and tried to lure a party of trusting northerners into an ambush to rob them. The party fought back and during the skirmish, Devargo’s base, a tavern called the Eel’s Inn burned down.

The party escaped the trap, along with the captive pseudodragon and some letters Devargo was using to blackmail a local government official Harkon Veronia and his mistress Doreen Markham.

Devargo was left with nothing, his gang scattered or dead, his Inn burnt and all his treasure taken.

Devargo Barvasi

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