Doreen Markham

Wife of Sothanopolis Treasury minister's undersecretary


Soft-spoken woman who dresses humbly but her bearing belies a noble background.



Doreen married a young government official from Sothanopolis and moved with him from her home in Chattanhad. A few years later she developed a friendship with Ambassador Harkan Veronia. When a local criminal gang, led by Devargo Barvasi, stole some letters she and the ambassador had exchanged which could have caused an embarrassing political scandal she was fearful of the consequences.

But the party fought Devargo and when they discovered the letters among his things, they arranged I meet with Doreen in secret to return the letters to her. There was a battle involving local guardsmen and some unknown thugs during which Doreen fled the scene.

Before the party left Sothanopolis to explore the Island if Tombs, they learned that Doreen had gone missing and her disappearance was under investigation.

Doreen Markham

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