Echean Ansolandi

Nexian cultist wizard living on Stormsend isle


Echean is a half-elf universalist wizard living in southern Spartak. He is a member of the Nexian cult of wizards who study practices of magic which rely more heavily on material components than traditional magic. The cult of Nex has developed ways of using certain mystical components to increase the power and efficiency of their spells. They also have knowledge of using mana stones to power their spells rather than relying on natural ambient mana and ley lines, which started to fade away after the Fey created mana wells in Spartak to drain mana back into the Fey realm, where it originated.


After testing the party’s battle skills, Echean welcomed them to the secret stronghold on Stormsend isle. He agreed to help the party in exchange for completing a mission to another island nearby. He asked them to retrieve a Clockwork Spy, without destroying it, in exchange for knowledge of the mana stones.

Echean Ansolandi

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