Egwene Damodred

Spartak's most powerful wizard. Aunt to Bru, Mat and Raven.


Egwene has jet black hair like her mother. She has an insatiable curiosity born out of her distrust of any knowledge she hasn’t personally explored. Although she is known as the highest-level living wizard currently in Spartak, she has never had an interest in leading what remains of the Council of Wizardry and has never been nominated due to her somewhat abrasive personality.


[[File:594374 | class=media-item-align-left | girl_and_cat_moiraine_sister.jpg]]Egwene grew up in Sylph’s Vale, a tiny town on Amber Island. Her constant companion was a black cat, which she called Mr. O. Cyrus. Her older sister Moiraine, left home to study magic at the Tower of Isis, while her brother Perrin, joined the army of New Keffland. While her siblings found adventure away from quiet Sylph’s Vale, Egwene led a quiet life until it was discovered that Egwene was on a list targeted for assassination by the undead cult, The Whispering Way because of her potential as a great force for good as foretold in the Everlife Book.

Egwene was rescued from the cult by a wizard named Reece Ioun (descendent of the legendary wizard Connor Ioun) and subsequently taken by her sister, to become a student of magic at the Tower of Isis.

As her studies progressed, it was discovered that Egwene’s cat was, in fact, an ancient elder dragon named Darkseid, who had been hatched, along with his 3 siblings, to herald the end of the world. However, Darkseid instead joined forces with a wizard-priest named Azetor Al’meara, to stop the world from ending 600 years ago. Azetor is the ancestor of Egwene and Darkseid had taken the form of a cat to watch out for her as part of a debt to Azetor.

When Orcus imprisoned the entire school and Tower of Isis in a demon trap, Egwene faced the choice of fleeing thru the door with Finn de Grendel, heading into the Tower with Professor Meyanoc, or trusting her sister Moiraine, who Meyanoc had just accused of being an imposter. It was an impossible choice to make in a split second, but Egwene chose Moiraine, who turned out to be the lich Agnes Madwand. Egwene ended up trapped in the plane of shadow where Darkseid sought to protect her. Egwene ended up possessed by Agnes before the real Moiraine and her companions, rescued most of the students and teachers.

The Demon Trap Decision Scenario is employed as a teaching tool at the magic school to this day to help students learn to make fast decisions under stress when all the options are dangerous.

Egwene graduated the wizard school a few years after the death of her older sister and quickly established herself as a strong wizard in a world that had lost many of its most powerful wizards. Many wizards mysteriously vanished while exploring the Fey mana wells left after the First World War, which continue to drain Spartak of all magic. Egwene has dedicated her life to fixing the damage caused by the Mana Wells and restoring magic to Spartak.

She became famous for saving hundreds of citizens of Palanthus when the city was destroyed by a magical attack, and has since been a heroic figure to the people of Spartak.

Egwene Damodred

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