Finn de Grendel

Graduate of the Andros Andramachus School of wizardry. Hero of Spartak.


Charismatic and strong-willed, Finn has always had trouble following orders. But his loyalty to friends and companions is unquestionable. He may not be as powerful a mage as his fellow wizard Egwene Damodred, but his confidence and willingness to take risks get more attention.


Finbar de Grendel, like his identical twin cousin Mælecon grew up on a farm on Sapphire Island. Although his grandfather had been the Bronze Dragonlord and ruler of New Dragonshire, Fin’s father and Mæl’s father wanted to lead simple lives without all the chaos of fighting monsters and evil like their father and raised their boys as hard-working farm boys. Unfortunately, that plan went awry when Finn’s destiny as a great wizard was revealed in the Everlife book and he became a target of the Whispering Way.

He was taken to the Tower of Isis where he would study magic for many years and where he met his future adventuring companions, Egwene, Etherielle Nirennid and Grace Faraway.

His school years were not uneventful. The school survived attacks from Fey Armies, crazy Cloud Giants, Orcus, a lycanthropy curse and the evil wizard-priest Shanodar Corinthus. But Finn and his classmates graduated and became wizards.

Soon after, Finn and Grace found an orphan baby girl and decided to bring her back to the deGrendel family ranch.

Finn stayed for several years and he and his cousin Mælecon raised young Zefir together. The ranch fell on hard times and after several misfortunes, a barn fire, Zefir’s school getting struck by lightning and a river flood, Mæl and Finn had a falling out and Finn left to seek adventure with his former classmates and friends.

In the years that followed, Finn led his companions to great fame, most notably when they prevented an invasion from bizarre and terrible creatures through mystic gates that appeared in the clouds.

Finn de Grendel

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