George Leafcutter

Halfling from North Burrowby who's family was kidnapped and ransomed by Gnolls.


8cd1aa46c7d7e0fe127015277160d738.jpg Young halfling man. Tall for a halfling but is otherwise ordinary. Handsome featured, and guile-less. He’s a terrible at bluffing and diplomacy but loyal and steadfast.


George was traveling to a ransom exchange for his family members who had been kidnapped by a gang of gnoll thugs. The Gnob-end Stompers wanted to exchange the hostages for a gnoll that lived with George because they though he was an indentured servant of the halflings. Meatball the gnoll was really George’s brother who had been killed and reincarnated by a hag. The hag bright Meatball back to life as a gnoll.

The party helped George fight off some giant crabs and rogue Gnolls and Mat successfully helped the negotiations with the gang to get George’s family back in exchange for Meatball.

George Leafcutter

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