Grace Faraway

Child of Kellin Stark & Jenna Holt. Adopted by Jed and Julia Faraway.


Grace has blonde hair and deep blue eyes like her father. As a young girl, she grew up fighting for her life so learned to wield a sword early on. She is fast, dexterous and strong but is very bad at telling jokes.


Katherine-Grace Holt Faraway killed her first wizard at the age of 9 after she and her mother were captured inside the evil wizard’s magic painting. She learned soon after that she was the target of an undead cult called the Whispering Way. Her father was turned into a vampire who then stalked, killed and turned her mother as well.

Grace was taken in, for a time, by the Tower of Isis, which was associated with her biological father, Kellin, and her uncle, Simon Redraven.

After the threats to her life calmed down, she was adopted by Jed Faraway and his wife Julia, who became Mayor of Meadowheart.

Grace became a fighter of great skill and had many adventures with her companions, Finn de Grendel, Egwene Damodred and Etherielle Nirennid. Together they became known throughout Spartak as great heroes and champions of the people.

Her biological father, Kellin, had failed in his quest for the redemption of the angelic sword Zerial, when he sacrificed Zerial’s redemption to save Simon from becoming the Demon Prince of Undead. After Kellin mysteriously vanished, following the deaths of his wife Moraine and friend Barnabas, he left behind Zerial and Grace took up the quest to bring the sword back from the darkness it suffered during the Demonic Conflagration.

Grace Faraway

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