Human indentured servant from Burrowby. Not the brother of Helicon.


Lucky.jpg Lucky is a strapping young human who has grown strong as a farm hand in the halfling village of Burrowby. He has long dark hair and tan skin from his hours of manual labor outdoors. He experienced an unusual growth spurt recently and all his large halfling-sized shirts seem to break apart at the slightest bit of exertion these days.


Lucky met the party when they traveled back in time to pre-cataclysmic Spartak and decided to help the young wizard Helicon on his quest to reunite with his long lost brother. Lucky was found as a baby in the aftermath of the final battle of the Demonic Conflagration when the Punishing Star destroyed Demogorgon. He was raised by the halflings of Burrowby as an indentured servant. The party negotiated a deal with Lucky’s owner to clear out the evil from a nearby Temple of Yondalla that had fallen to evil during the demon war in exchange for Lucky’s freedom. The party revealed to Lucky that his real name is Murmilius.

However, Helicon soon figured out that Lucky was not his long lost brother after all, tho they were born on the same day.

The party freed Lucky from his servitude and gifted him a bit of money to help him start the farm of his own he had always wanted. Unfortunately, Lucky’s name did not turn out to be very fitting at all.


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