Mælecon de Grendel

Grandson of a Dragonlord, twin cousin of the wizard Finn, adoptive father of Zefir.


Broad-shouldered and steady-handed always seems peaceful and lost in his thoughts as he goes about the business of running his small ranch on Sapphire Island. He’s also quick to draw his bow to defend it when faced with any threat. He is an excellent dancer.



Mælecon grew up on the ranch, with a close knit family: his parents, his uncle, and an identical twin cousin, Finbar. The boys were always restless and dreamed of a life of adventure, especially when they visited their elven great-aunts, Jarella and Arlotta, who told them amazing tales of their grandfather, the Bronze Dragonlord, Murmilius (someone their fathers never liked to talk about).

During one such visit, however, Jarella’s tower was attacked by an undead cult known as the Whispering Way. At the same time, some prophetic information was revealed indicating that Finn was among a group of 4 people who would come to power at the Tower if Isis in Meadowheart, destined to save Spartak one day.

Finn was taken to the Tower by family friend Cyana, while Mælecon went on the run with his great-aunt Arlotta. Finn became a student at the wizard school there while Arlotta trained Mæl as a fighter.

After most of Spartak’s denizens were turned into were-creatures by the mysterious Undulating Coil, and then were cured by Count Julistar, Mæl briefly impersonated his cousin Finn at the school and became friends with Kellin Stark’s illegitimate daughter Grace

Eventually Finn returned to the school and Mæl went back home to the family farm on Sapphire Island.

When adult Finn and Grace discovered the orphaned baby Zefir, they brought her to Mælecon’s farm to be raised as his own. Early on, she began to exhibit signs of her magical powers. Mæl took her to Meadowheart but learned that sorcerers can’t be taught magic, like wizards, so the school couldn’t help her. She got to know Raven, Mat and cousin Bru before returning to the farm.

Mælecon de Grendel

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