Psychotic pseudodragon


Housecat-sized dragon with a scorpion stinger at the end of its tail. Bears many scars from cuts and burns accumulated while being tortured.


Malenko was the familiar of a wizard that lived in the remote wastes of the Island of Tombs.

When her master was turned into a vampire Malenko was torn, as she still loved him, but was no longer magically connected to the undead mage. Soon after, her former master used charm spells on her and forced the tiny dragon to lure victims into traps where they would become meals for her master and his vampire gang. Eventually, Malenko went mad and became mean and spiteful, perversely delighting in the suffering of others, and even turned on her former master. She led a group if adventurers to his lair while he was sleeping, not really caring who survived the encounter.

Her master survived, barely, so Malenko fled to escape any further enchantment spells he might use to enslave her again.

Wandering the desert, she encountered another treasure seeking party and joined them for the protection they could provide while traveling. Malenko would pretend to help by scouting, but then deliberately lead party members into dangerous situations, eliminating them one by one. When only a couple members were left, they figured out that it hadn’t just been bad luck that had killed all their companions and tried to leave the dragon behind.

Malenko was ready with another trap and only one member of the party survived, a bard named Trinia Sabor.

Trinia used her bluff skill to convince Malenko that she was still an ally and the two made it back to Sothanopolis. Once there, Trinia made a deal with a thieves guild run by a man named Devargo, to capture Malenko and sell her for money and Trinia left Malenko behind, feeling she had finally escaped.

However, a party of adventurers from the North, freed Malenko from Devargo’s cage and Malenko used her wiles to convince the party to help her find Trinia. Malenko also used a magical bond to befriend a fighter named Bru.

When they finally caught up to Trinia, Malenko tried to get the party to attack her, but when that failed, Malenko attacked Trinia and the Northern party saw her true colors and helped Trinia capture the deranged dragon.

The tiny helpless mini-dragon pleaded for Bru to spare her life but Bru chopped her head off, splattering her magical essence all over himself as she screamed and died. He didn’t realized that the taint of killing a magical creature stays with you no matter how hard you try to wash the stains away.

Later, when Bru encountered Malenko’s former master, the vampire was still able to smell Malenko’s blood on him.


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