Meatball Leafcutter

Halfling brother of George. He was killed and reincarnated as a gnoll


IMG_20161202_195031.jpg Meatball looks very different from your average halfling. In fact he looks exactly like a hyena-faced gnoll ever since he was reincarnated by a hag. Although he looks like a gnoll, he remains the lazy, goofy, accident-prone clutz that he always was.


Meatball, whose real name is Mathias Balthazar Leafcutter, is the Goofus to brother George’s Gallant. He always found trouble while his brother found praise. Eventually he was killed, but couldn’t even do that right. A spiteful hag reincarnated him as a gnoll. He met the party when they helped his brother George with a hostage exchange with a gang of gnoll thugs.

Meatball Leafcutter

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