Pearl Sheercleft

Aging shapeshifter encountered with the Cult of Nex who knew tales of Mat and Raven's parents


Whoart_old.jpgPearl is in her 90s and was bedridden and unable to control her shifting form when the party encountered her on Stormsend isle. She was being cared for by the cult of Nex and shared with the party her tale of helping Helicon capture 12 of the 13 genies which had been released from an extra-dimensional prison inadvertently.


Pearl Sheercleft is one of the many identities assumed, during the long life of a doppleganger who was first given the name Whoart Thou, by the Wildmage, Melian Dreadstar. Doppleganger’s have no names, they just know who they are, but Melian convinced one of them, to rise above her race and the first step was taking a name. Whoart explored many lives in her quest for personal identity, among them were the rogue Singaninna, who was an early adventuring companion of the great wizard Blaine Castlemaine. As Singaninna, she was forced to adopt her human step-sister’s children and for a time, lived a very boring life as a mother in a small village in Aelfland. There she befriended an elven Wizard named Parmadil, who had tried the adventuring life, but retired from it after not finding it much to his liking. He did like to write and tell tales of his few adventures and made up even more, which delighted Singaninna, who longed for a life of adventure, but was bound by duty to raise her sister’s children.

Eventually, Blaine Castlemaine and his companions arrived in town and brought with them death and destruction and a were-rat cult which kidnapped Parmadil and Singaninna’s children. Singaninna joined Blaine in thwarting the Were-rat’s and saved her children, but Parmadil was killed by the rats. Singannina realized that she could no longer languish in the village, so she returned the children to her sister’s care and joined Blaine and his band in further adventures battling giants and the Demon Lord Orcus in Aelfland.

After Blaine returned to Spartak, Singaninna met and befriended a young Quaternity priest who had been pen pals with Parmadil and she was recruited into the church’s secret spy organization known as the Left Hand. The Left Hand was responsible for safeguarding many ancient and powerful artifacts and secrets acquired by the church over the centuries.

Eira_Lumori.jpgAs a member of the Left Hand, she assumed other identities during various missions to recover lost and stolen artifacts and gather intelligence on various enemies of the church. Under the name Lonicera Luftis, she infiltrated the inner circle of Count Julistar, long before he became Emperor of Spartak. Under his direction, she then assumed the identity of a woman from Sothanopolis named Eira Lumori. It was Eira who first met Mat and Raven’s parents, pretending to be a translator of Kaldane runes, and joining their quest to the Pyramid of the Five Pharoahs. Count Julistar was on a parallel course and used secrets Eira reported to him, to help him gain entry to the Pyramid first. The two competing parties clashed inside the Pyramid and Count Julistar and his unmasked agent, Lonicera, were taken back to Sothanopolis where they served a year long sentence for their crimes.
Soon after, Lonicera left Julistar’s company after he began consorting with the evil wizard-priest, Shanadar Corinthus. She had recovered the Quaternity artifact from Julistar that she had been sent to retrieve, and thought it too risky to continue undercover where a powerful mage such as Shanadar might uncover her true alliegience.

She returned to the Left Hand headquarters only to discover that many members had been killed and turned into undead creatures by the secret cult of undead called the Whispering Way. Shortly after she received a new mission and a new identity, Pearl Sheercleft, dwarven mining engineer. Her mission was to retrieve ancient scrolls that were believed to be hidden in an abandoned mine near Meadowheart. The mine, however, still belonged to the Dwarves of Tharbardun, who had forbidden anyone from ever entering it after encountering dangerous undead energies deep below the earth. “Pearl” pretended to be an emissary of Barnabas’ father and brought orders from the Dwarven Thane for the Barnabas to take Pearl into the mines and find the scrolls. The party battled the mysterious intelligent wolf-creature named Winter, who was also looking for the scrolls as part of his plan to combat Agnes Madwand, leader of the Whispering Way.

Pearl_bearded_face.jpgThe party left with the scrolls and then Pearl left with a magical card, which Vernishel had pawned to a local pawn shop not knowing that it contained the only gateway to Kakishon (aka Kakistan), a prison dimension created by Math. Winter set a trap for Pearl, which she spotted, but, unfortunately, Barnabas and the Quaternity priest, Steffen, did not spot the trap and were caught up in a battle between Helicon, Pearl and Winter. Winter managed to escape into the card and Pearl hastily followed, hoping to capture him, but instead she became the captive until she was eventually rescued by Mat and Raven’s parents who had come looking to find out what had happened to Barnabas and Steffen after they had returned home with their memories erased by Helicon because they had encountered their future selves emerging from the card and were traumatized by the temporal paradox, which sounds very confusing, but eventually everyone got out of the card and the party allied with Winter to fight Agnes Madwand, but that’s a whole nother story.

Pearl Sheercleft

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