Perrin Damodred

Father of Brugarth. Brother of Moiraine and Egwene.


Perrin is lean and willowy, with salt and pepper hair and a short graying beard. When he smiles, which is rare, he still looks a bit boyish.


Perrin is named after his paternal grandfather. As a boy he was quite close to his namesake and was devastated when grandpa Perrin died when he was only 6 years old.

He and his best friend, Digger macCree, apprenticed as blacksmiths with Perrin’s father Tam in Sylph’s Vale. (Perrin is on the right in the picture).

Perrin grew up as the middle child with his 2 sisters, Moiraine and Egwene.

Perrin and Digger joined the New Keffland army in 631. They trained at a camp near Chattanhad before receiving their posting orders. The pair quickly saw action during the Fey War, but both survived and eventually retired to Sylph’s Vale where they took over the family blacksmithy and Perrin took care of his aging parents (since his sister’s had left town for the pursuit of magic and adventure).


Perrin married Elmindia Dorsenrood and settled down. He has a son Brugarth. Brugarth and Perrin didn’t always see eye to eye and eventually Perrin helped Bru get into the military. For reasons undisclosed, Bru resigned from the imperial army after less than a year, which did not please Perrin. Bru found work as a miner before running off with his delinquent cousins, Mat and Raven, and heading towards God knows what kind of trouble.

Perrin Damodred

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