Simon Redraven

Longtime family friend to Raven & Mat's parents.


Simon is in his 50’s, though his once jet black hair has gone prematurely gray. He bears the scars, over much of his body, of a man who has survived many close escapes from the jaws of danger (dragons, vampires, unholy assassins, giants, genies, mummies, demon princes, devils, etc.). IMG_20160424_194656.jpgHe has been closed-lipped about how he got the prominent scar over his left eye. He has a habit of entering a room silently a few moments before he speaks, which can be unnerving.


Simon was the boyhood friend of Kellin Stark (Mat & Raven’s father). They eventually lost touch after Kellin impregnated Simon’s sister Jenna. Jenna did not want Kellin to know about the baby, as the two had mutually decided to end their relationship before Jenna knew she was pregnant. Simon took Jenna away to start a new life raising daughter Grace on her own. Jenna eventually married and Simon moved on in pursuit of adventure and sometimes ill-gotten gains.
Simon ran into trouble when he and his young companion Tyrell Margaret were captured by the genie known as the Jarl of the North Wind, who was himself imprisoned in the Icewall Glacier near Tarsis. Simon agreed to steal the weather-controlling artifact known as the Vernal Key, with which the Jarl could free himself, in return for Tyrell’s life. During this escapade, Simon and Kellin were reunited and Simon was introduced to Moiraine Damodred and Barnabas Darkmarble. After a rocky period, Simon became a trusted friend of the Stark family and had a long association with the Tower of Isis wizarding school.

Years later, Simon was convinced by Barnabas Darkmarble to bring his 9-year-old niece Grace to the school for her protection from The Whispering Way undead cult. This decision set Grace on the path to become one of Spartak’s great heroes.

During the Fey war, while on a mission for the Tower of Isis, Simon came into contact with a demonic artifact known as the Wand of Orcus. The Prince of Demons, Orcus, began to influence Simon through the Wand, grooming him to become the next Demon Prince of the Undead, as a replacement for Orcus’ infant son (and heir) which he had lost to the machinations of Agnes Madwand.

When Kellin learned that Simon’s soul was damned beyond redemption by increasingly using the Wand’s power, he used the fallen angel’s sword Zerial to redeem Simon’s soul. The sword Zerial was then turned toward evil in Simon’s place.

After Moiraine died tragically in childbirth, Simon stayed close to Kellin, always doing what he could to watch out for the twins and try to keep them out of trouble.

Simon Redraven

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