Trinia Sabor


Trinia Sabor is an attractive young woman with innocent eyes, golden hair, and a lithe frame. Her smile is generous and warm.

She is a bard who uses a crossbow. She also is a talented painter.


Trinia is a treasure hunter based in Sothanopolis.

While seeking treasure on the Island of Tombs, her party encountered a psychotic pseudodragon named Malenko.

Malenko caused the deaths of all of Trinia’s party, while pretending to help them. When Trinia realized the dragon was evil, she paid a thief named Devargo to capture Malenko.

Malenko escaped and duped a party of northerners into helping track down Trinia, but when Trinia told them of Malenko’s treachery, they killed Malenko, much to Trinia’s relief.

Trinia told the party about the area she had explored in the desert which helped them in their quest.

Trinia Sabor

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