Spellcaster who claimed to be from the year 680


Pale and thin, Valmarius typically wears a jeweled headband. He has long brown hair worn in a braid. He has wiry limbs and squints his eyes a lot, possibly due to short sightedness. He tends to be oblivious to outside distractions while reading books, one of his favorite past times.


Valmarius met Bru and Raven when they were magically transported to an unknown museum while exploring underground ruins to the west of Maldreg in the goblin isles. Valmarius claimed that his present year was 680, some 30 years later than the present year for Bru and Raven. He told them he was originally from the city of Solace and was researching genies when he got whisked away to the strange museum.

Valmarius was studying books in the upstairs library when Bru, Raven (and Kellin) appeared. Valmarius shared that he too had been mysteriously teleported to the museum, and the periodically, other creatures would appear and usually fight each other. Valmarius hid in the upstairs library and was looking for clues to his escape. He had discovered a book with pictures of what appeared to be the museum they were in, but it had been destroyed years before, according to the book. He later helped Bru and Raven figure out that everyone who came to the museum had some unusual artifact with them. For Bru and Raven, it was a snow globe that Bru had picked up earlier in the ruins. For Valmarius it had been a book. When they found a painting that depicted the cave that they had left from, they realized they could get back. Before they left, they helped Valmarius find his way back to his home in the year 680.


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