Stubborn stranger hunting Cassandra


3D-Art-Gao-Ke-Yang-Monk.jpg Confident and forceful, yet strangely apologetic, Warden was well groomed and cleaner than most travellers you meet.


Warden approached the party during their journey to find Lucky in Mithas. He believed that Zefir was Cassandra and sought to capture her in a magical card prison, at first by reason, then by force, with the help of a strong group of monstrous allies. Before the battle broke out, he swore that he did not intend to hurt Cassandra/Zefir, but only wanted to put her somewhere that she would not be a danger to others. He also told the party that Cassandra was from a small village near Kara Kai mountain and that Cassandra has been wrongly harmed by the keepers of Kara Kai monastery and Warden was sorry for that but all the keepers who harmed Cassandra had been killed by her.

The party defeated Warden’s monsters and then cast him into the extra-dimensional prison in the enchanted card that he had intended for Zefir.


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