Maldreg, Goblin Kenku city

8e514a0efa89b5ef6489fbf0e2dc2b30.jpgIn the year 628, a brutal and bloody war broke out on the Goblin island of Ik Jerikek Zed (“tears of a red dragon mother”). The main tribe of goblins on the south side broke a peace treaty with the bird people’s of the North side of the island. The Quaternity church send a small force, led by the young paladin Macdon. After weeks of brokering peace talks between the 2 sides, the only thing they could agree on was that everyone liked Macdon.

Eventually peace was reached, but only on the condition that Macdon stay on as the governor of a combined city/state that would be named Maldreg (“Bitter pill dipped in honey”).

Maldreg flourished peacefully under Macdon’s rulership.

After many years, tragedy struck the island, as did a meteor which exploded near where Macdon and his personally chosen guardsmen were patrolling. Macdon returned to Maldreg unharmed, but during his ordeal had discovered that his former compatriots had betrayed him and were plotting a coup. The traitors, led by Macdon’s once-favored captain, Grinkle Kunkwart, fled Ik Jerikek Zed. Macdon became paranoid and cruel after the betrayal. He declared martial law and Maldreg turned hostile to outsiders, which ended it’s prosperity as a center for trade and made everyone unhappy.

The city languished for a couple years until one day Macdon disappeared. The citizens started turning on each other, lost without their beloved leader. Just when all seemed lost, Captain Grinkle returned. She declared that she had always been faithful to Macdon and would continue his legacy. In a compassionate speech at the gates of the city, Grinkle prevented civil war and won over the masses, who really didn’t want to fight anyway. Thus, Grinkle the girl goblin became ruler of Maldreg.

Although never as prosperous as it once was, Maldreg opened its gates to trade and the bird people and the goblins have lived harmoniously ever since. Folks still wonder what happened to Macdon but every bard and his brother has a different tale to tell of the paladin’s fate and there are as many theories as there are taverns in Maldreg.

Maldreg, Goblin Kenku city

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