Spartak 645

Getting Lucky

Adventure Log – 1/14/17

Our heroes were gathered near the foot of the Tower of Knowledge, when the tower’s owl representative called for us. Our time had come to plead for an audience with the wizards. Bru shared a general sense what he knew about how they had gotten here, and mentioned both time travel and the coming punishing star. Once Bru had finished pleading his case to the owl, it bid us farewell and said we’d be called if our request for an audience was to be met. We found out that the current leaders of the tower were three wizards going by the names: Serten, Sabella, and Mordo.

That evening, an enterprising wizard by the name of Exander Runthorn appeared at the foot of the tower, looking to make some extra coin for selling some potions and magical items. Raven and Mat were able to barter a wand of invisibility and a wand of mount, respectively.

Later, the wizard Sabella appeared at the foot of the tower, and called for the heroes. She took Mat, Bru, and Helicon up to a private room where Mat began to explain our story and inquire about Cassandra. Sabela listened patiently, but generally refused to intervene, stating that we were out of our depth. After further discussion, Mat could sense that she was sad, or feeling some sort of remorse. She soon admitted that she couldn’t reveal where Cassandra was, and that the leaders of the tower had even privately voted about the matter. Our heroes weren’t ready to let things go, and pressed for more info. Eventually, she raised her hands and deliberately placed them on a map laying on the table before her, and we couldn’t help but notice her index finger was pointed to the city of Mithas. Perhaps noticing that we caught this subtle hint, she then said “just be careful.” We bid her farewell, before being transported back down to the foot of the tower.

Next, our group set off towards Mithas. Along the way, Raven and Mat began to question Helicon about his eyes, and when exactly they had changed color. Helicon said that it had happened when he traveled back in time six months from the future. He also revealed that he had the strange sensation that someone had accompanied him at one point during the process of time travel, but had no idea who it could have been. Our heroes were growing slightly suspicious about Helicon.

Passing through a small town, our heroes picked up some fresh supplies. Soon we encountered a strange man who upon seeing us suddenly pointed at Zefir and exclaimed “Cassandra, I’m afraid we’ll have to imprison you!” We attempted to engage the man in conversation, and learned his name was Warden. But he didn’t appear to be a friend. He pulled out a deck of cards and threw one down on the ground. “Step on this card,” he coaxed.

At that point, our party initiated a battle, and three beasts emerged from the surrounding trees to aid Warden in combat. A giant worm, a large bat, and a large panther-like creature that had tentacles attacked our group. At the end of the scuffle, the beasts had been killed, and Warden was left unconscious. After some questioning, we learned that Cassandra had been a poor girl from Kara Kai. She had unawakened powers, and had gone to a monastery, where she was imprisoned and harmed. Since then, her captors had all been killed, and she was the prime suspect. Warden said that Cassandra could be tracked because she had a distinct aura, which just so happened to be the same aura that Zefir had.

Stripping Warden of all possessions, we imprisoned him in his own magical card trap, and resumed our journey to Mithas. After a few days we arrived at the large city, standing before an imposing gate and high stone walls guarded by three minotaurs. In order to gain entrance to the city, they challenged us to a duel, and the largest one of them faced off with Bru. Participating in the primitive ritual of battle, Bru shortly won access for the group, and together we entered Mithas with the minotaur’s noticeable respect.

Zefir cast a Locate Object spell and focused upon what she remembered of Lucky’s belt buckle; a one of a kind engraving of a swan. The trail led the heroes to a huge arena that was closed for the night. Claudia, a minotaur guard in front of the arena, told the heroes about a new contestant that had taken the arena by storm that went by the name of Helicon. Raven performed a Detect Thoughts spell and sensed that the people in the area did in fact recall visions of Helicon (who we knew as Lucky,) fighting impressively in the arena.

The next day when the arena opened for the day, the heroes returned and gained entry with no challenges. Bad mouthing the contestants was found to be the primary way to be entered into the queue for battle, and our heroes found this was no challenge for a group possessing such high concentration of wit. Casting a magical disguise on Helicon for his own safety, we sent him to hide within the crowd and prepared for our public battle.

Stepping out into the arena, we faced a towering minotaur, a young brass dragon, a warrior, a mysterious beast with weird hair and eyes, and another unusual figure that appeared to be a magic user. A bloody battle ensued, but our heroes overcame the opposition and stood united when the dust settled. The crowd’s applause was tepid, but our victory assured we had the option to remain in battle another round, when we could challenge Lucky face to face.

When he emerged into view at the opposite side of the arena, we could see that Lucky had scars and battle wounds that hadn’t been there before, but he appeared to be the same man we had come to know slaving away in the fields outside Burrowby not long ago. At his side stood several intimidating creatures: a six armed humanoid bearing a short sword in each hand, a small densely plated creature with a gaping maw that dripped black bile, an armored knight with gleaming metal wings waving a flaming sword, and a vicious looking gnoll that deftly wielded a dagger in our direction.

One of the heroes most challenging battles yet left Bru bleeding to death and incapacitated at one point, with Zefir spending an inordinate amount of rounds and spell power bringing him back from the brink of death. Interestingly, Lucky even spent a round tending to Bru’s bleeding wounds, perhaps signaling that he remembered his connection to the heroes and was fond of them, or was otherwise opposed to their death. Thankfully, Mat, Zefir, Raven, and Kellin were able to bring down the other creatures as this was happening, and Raven used non-lethal blows to bring down Lucky and leave him unconscious but without permanent harm.

At the conclusion of the battle, before the audience had reacted, Raven cast a spell of Invisibility upon Lucky and Kellin, causing them both to disappear. Unseen to all, Kellin took flight, with Lucky on his back. The crowd began to boo in confusion, but Raven did a few charismatic flourishes, which redeemed the performance somewhat, earning a polite applause from the audience, as Mat, Zefir, Raven, and Bru stood before them bloodied, yet victorious.


Wonderful summary. Thank you so much! I think you forgot to mention that when the crowd booed, they were actually channeling the DM, but maybe you left that out intentionally. ;-)

Getting Lucky

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