Mysterious and powerful woman


Cassandra___within____by_charlie140588.jpg has an unusually slight build, and dark hair that flows as if a faint phantom breeze is always blowing thru it. She wore simply clothes off a peasant girl.


The party met Cassandra as they woke from an unexplained sleep after witnessing a meteor shower. Cassandra appeared to be mute, which made communication difficult. She healed the party and they were able to determine that she was from a nearby village but was afraid to go back for some reason.

Later it turned out she was not what she seemed to be.

Raven awoke from his meteor induced sleep later than the rest of the party, and while sleeping, he had an odd dream where a voice told him to remember a nursery rhyme and to speak it when he awoke. He did so and then the party all flashed back to an encounter with Cassandra where she was able to telepathically communicate with the party and revealed that she was looking for Helicon. The party did not tell her Helicon was with Lucky, and she flew away in frustration.

After they regrouped with Helicon and freed Lucky from servitude, they said goodbye to Lucky and headed to the Tower of Isis. When they finally arrived at the Tower a week later, they learned that Lucky had been taken by Cassandra.


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