10-year old girl possessed by a demon



Leanne is 10-year old girl with brown hair.


Leanne’s parents drowned while fishing near Finnbow falls out side the village of Bafs Crossing. She was then raised by her cruel aunt as is typically the case with orphaned children. At some point, Leanne became possessed by the Balor demon Kali Ahn after wishing that her parents would come back.

The town began experiencing strange episodes of objects flying around and hitting people and eventually the old flower seller was killed when some bricks fell off a roof onto her just after she scolded Leanne and accused her of stealing flowers to put on her parents’ graves.

Another incident occurred after travelers passing thru town were attacked by flying furniture. The townsfolk realized that Leanne was always involved in these incidents and as long as they left her alone and kept strangers from lingering too long in town, the attacks would cease.

When the party arrived in town after fleeing a forest fire, they learned Leanne’s story and found their way to a secret cave under the waterfall, fighting several demons along the way, and killing a cave full of shadowy Belkers. They unearthed a mass grave and Leanne was freed of the demonic voices in her head that had been torturing her.


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